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XING Yujing CF40 Member Senior Adviser, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Work Experience
Dr XING Yujing, was appointed as a senior adviser to Hong Kong Monetary Authority with effect from 21 November 2022, with the responsibility of offering advice and assistance in the areas of financial cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, further development of Renminbi businesses in Hong Kong, and promotion of Hong Kong’s financial services industry on the Mainland. Prior to the secondment from the People’s Bank of China, she was the president of Shenzhen Branch of People’s Bank of China and State Administration of Foreign Exchange. She served as the deputy director-general of Monetary Policy Department (2008), deputy director-general of Monetary Department II (2009), Director-general of Monetary Policy Committee (2011) and director-general of Monetary Policy Department II (2015).
Selected Publications