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WANG Xin CF40 Member Director-General, Research Bureau, People’s Bank of China
Education:Master of Public Administration
Areas of Expertise : International economy, international finance, financial reform, social security
Educational Background
Mr. Wang holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from PBC School of Finance, and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School.
Work Experience
Mr. Wang Xin is Director-General of PBC’s Research Bureau. Previously he held various positions at PBC including Director-General of the Currency, Gold and Silver Bureau, President of PBC Nanchang Branch, chief representative of PBC in Frankfurt. Prior to that, he worked at the General Affairs Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and as assistant to Professor Wu Jinglian, then chief economist of China International Capital Corporation. Mr. Wang also worked at the National Economic Reform Commission (later the Economic Reform Office of the State Council). He started his career at the Bank of China Hainan Branch.
Honors and Awards
His research has been published at the Review of International Political Economy, China and World Economy, Journal of Financial Research, and Journal of World Economy. He is a recipient of the Sun Yefang Economic Science Award.
Selected Publications