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CF40-BIS Seminar on Central Bank Digital Currencies

On June 19, 2022, CF40 co-hosted a seminar on “Central Bank Digital Currencies: International Trends and Chinese Practices” with the Bank of International Settlement (BIS).

Sally Chen, Regional Adviser of the BIS Asian Office, introduced the recent BIS report “CBDCs in Emerging Market Economies” based on research of central banks in 26 emerging market economies. The report lays out the key motivations and primary concerns related to CBDC issuance, as presented to the webinar by Qiu Han, Economist from the Monetary and Economic Department of BIS.

A panel discussion followed the presentations and was joined by four experts: Xiao Gang (CF40 Non-resident Senior Fellow; Former Chairman, China Securities Regulatory Commission), Huang Yiping (Chairman of CF40 Academic Committee; Director, Institute of Digital Finance, Peking University), Mu Changchun (CF40 Member; Director, Digital Currency Research Institute, PBC), and Hyun Song Shin (Economic Advisor and Head of Research, BIS).

The Q&A session featured several financial sector leaders—Chen Longqiang (Chief Strategy Officer, AIBANK), Jin Panshi (Chief Information Officer and Director of Digital Currency Promotion Office, China Construction Bank), Li Bo (VP,; President, Fintech Unit), Liu Xianmin (General Manager, Digital Currency Department, Postal Savings Bank of China), Li Xin (Chief Business Manager, Digital Currency Office, Bank of China), Bao Ta (VP and Head of Payment Division, Meituan), and Yang Kaisheng (Former President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)—each of whom introduced how digital currency is applied on their platforms and how they expect the e-CNY to develop.

The business voices were echoed by Tirupam Goel (Economist, Monetary and Economics Department, BIS) and Wang Bijun (Editorial Director, International Economic Review, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

Siddharth Tiwari, Chief Representative of the BIS Office for Asia and the Pacific, gave the closing remarks. The seminar was moderated by CF40 Secretary-General Wang Haiming.