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CF40 Seminar on Newly Released Measures for Management of Online Marketing of Financial Products

Recently, China released a draft version of the Measures for the Management of Online Marketing of Financial Products (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) to solicit public opinions, arousing widespread discussions among financial practitioners. The purpose of the Measures is to standardize the online marketing activities of financial products and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

But it also brings forth a number of questions for financial institutions and third-party Internet platforms. For example, how to clarify the responsibilities of various stakeholders in the transactions? How to encourage financial institutions to carry out cooperation and conduct business orderly so as to provide higher-quality financial products and services? Is the Measures well-designed enough? Is there room for improvement in any of the new rules proposed?

Against this background, CF40 organized a closed-door seminar to address the above-mentioned issues.

Experts at the seminar recognized the significance of the proposed Measures, which they believed pointed out the direction for doing business in the future. They shared understandings on two issues: who can launch online marketing, and where it can be done. Finally, participants raised several suggestions on how to improve the Measures.