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CF40 Seminar on Q4 2021 Macroeconomic Policy Report

How to achieve proper economic growth in 2022? By analyzing the external and internal environment, features, and risks of the Chinese economy in Q4 2021, CF40 fellows tried to answer this question in the Q4 2021 Macroeconomic Policy Report. On January 22, CF40, SFI, and NFI held a seminar to introduce and discuss the Report.

Zhang Bin, CF40 Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of CASS, presented the Q4 2021 Macroeconomic Policy Report. The Report contains analysis of current macroeconomic situations and discussions on how to achieve proper economic growth in 2022.

Experts at the seminar said that it will be challenging to maintain a 5% growth rate, as the Chinese economy will likely face headwinds in multiple fronts including investment, consumption, exports, supply, and demographic change. In response, policymakers could focus on boosting demand, preventing risks, and fostering long-term growth. They noted that policies should keep a dynamic balance among multiple goals with a focus on improving market expectations and financial services, and reminded that both the supply and demand sides would exert pressure on 2022 economic growth, but weak demand would be a larger source of potential economic downturn, which calls for more financial support to SMEs and consumers.

The seminar was moderated by CF40 Secretary-General Wang Haiming.