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Release of China Intelligent Finance Development Report 2020
On September 1, CF40 released the 2020 China Intelligent Finance Development Report in Guangzhou. 

The report is the second installment of the report series which was initiated in 2019 and led by Xiao Gang, CF40 senior fellow and former chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission. The project aims to provide a comprehensive review and evaluation of the latest development and regulation of intelligent finance in China and is published on an annual basis.

Building on research in the 2019 Report, the new work highlights recent progress and challenges to intelligent finance. In six chapters and two appendices, it examines new trends of intelligent finance, its application and integration with various industries and relevant regulatory policies. The report also offers recommendations on how to better support the development of the sector.

The release also marks the debut of the China Intelligent Finance Development Index compiled by a team led by Xu Xianchun, CF40 advisor and former deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics. 

As the index shows, in general, regional intelligent finance development is positively correlated with its economic development. The more developed a region is, the better industrial base, technology, and talent pool they would have for intelligent finance development. Also, consumers in such regions could have better financial literacy and acceptance of new financial services. All of these would lay a more solid foundation for intelligent finance development.

CF40 secretary-general Wang Haiming moderated the event.