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CF40 Seminar on Financing Carbon Reduction and Neutrality

China’s dual-carbon goal is bringing fundamental changes to the country’s development pattern including the industrial structure and energy structure. At the moment, green transition of the Chinese economy just started and the financial system can play vital role in the process. However, green finance in China still lacks a sound analytical framework and concrete policy measures, e.g. on carbon trading and international cooperation.

To discuss these issues, China Finance 40 Forum held a seminar themed Financing Carbon Reduction and Neutrality on Aug 15th. At the seminar, Ms. Zhu Jun, CF40 Academic Committee Member and Director-General of PBC International Department presented her recent research on the subject which received comments from Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan, President of China Society for Finance and Banking and former PBC Governor, Mr. Liu Shijin, CF40 Advisor and Deputy Director of CPPCC Economic Affairs Committee and Mr. Li Keping, CF40 Advisor and former President of China Investment Corporation.

The seminar was moderated by CF40 Secretary-General Wang Haiming.