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The Fourth CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable

On March 25th, 2015, CF40 and Nomura Research Institute (NRI) jointly held the Fourth CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable on economic reforms in China and Japan.

At the first session, Masahiko Aoki from Stanford University and Yu Yongding, CF40 Advisor and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Science delivered keynote speeches on China's economic new normal and growth models of the two countries. At the second session, Wu Jinglian, CF40 Advisor and Senior Fellow at the Development Research Center of China's State Council and C.H. Kwan, Senior Fellow at the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research delivered speeches on institutional transformation and economic development of China and Japan.

Following the speeches, attendees had discussions on the prospects and reforms of the two economies. The Roundtable was moderated by Mr. Wang Haiming, CF40 Secretary-General.