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The Second CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable

On June 22, 2013, China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) and Nomura Research Institute (NRI) jointly held the second CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable on the theme China and Japan: Macroeconomy and Monetary Policy.

At the first session, experts from Japan delivered keynote speeches. C. H. Kwan, Senior Fellow at the Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research gave a speech titled On the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in China — It Is a Must to Promote the Reform of Exchange Rate, Interest Rate, and Capital Account Opening. The second speaker is Mr. Takeshi Jingu, General Manager of Financial Systems Research Division of Nomura Research Institute (Beijing). The title of his speech was China's Financial Liberalization: Assessment and Prospects. Mr Jingu was followed by Prof. Mitsuhiro Fukao from Department of Economics at Musashino University, and he talked about Policy Option of the PBOC on Capital Account Opening, Exchange Rate Reform and Financial Liberalization. Then Mr. Jin Zhongxia, Director-General of the Financial Research Institute of People's Bank of China delivered a speech titled China's Market-based Interest Rate Reform and Transformation of Economic Structure. The last speaker was Mr. Qu Qiang, CF40 Member, and Deputy Director of Institute of Finance and Securities of Renmin University of China. His speech was titled Potential Risks Facing China's Financial System.

In the second session, Wei Jianing, Deputy Director-General of Macroeconomic Research Department of Development Research Center of China's State Council, Guan Tao, Director-General of Balance of Payments Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Miyako Suda, Special Visiting Professor at Konan University, Mr. Tomoyuki Fukumoto, chief Beijing representative for the Bank of Japan delivered speeches respectively on Comparison of Chinese and Japanese Government Debts, The Impact of Japan's Quantitative Easing on China, Interpreting Abenomics, Japanese Economic and Financial Policy Trends, Bank of Japan and the New Round of Monetary Easing.

Following the keynote speeches, experts had in-depth exchanges on topics of mutual concern. Mr. Wang Haiming, CF40 Secretary-General and Mr. Inoue Tetsuya, Chief Researcher at Financial Technology and Market Research Department of Nomura Institute delivered concluding remarks.