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Internet Finance in China Author : Ping XIE, Chuanwei ZOU, Haier LIU Publisher : Routledge Date : April 30, 2020


This book is about internet finance, a concept coined by the authors in 2012. Internet finance deals specifically with the impacts of internet based technologies, such as mobile payments, social networks, search engines, cloud computation, and big data, on the financial sector. Major types of internet finance include third-party payments and mobile payments, internet currency, P2P lending, crowdfunding, and the use of big data in financial activities.

Internet finance is highly popular and heavily discussed in China. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made the healthy development of internet finance a policy priority in 2014 state-of-union address. This book, as a detailed report on internet finance in China, will help readers understand the status quo and development of China's financial system.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. The Theory of Internet Finance

3. The Internetization of Finance

4. Mobile and Third-Party Payments

5. Internet Currency

6. Big Data

7. Big Data Based Credit and Internet lending

8. P2P Network Loans

9. Crowdfunding

10. The Regulation of Internet Finance

11. Internet Exchange Economy

12. Issues Requiring Further Research


About the authors:

Dr. Ping XIE is a senior fellow at China Finance 40 Forum and was executive vice president of China Investment Corporation.

Dr. Chuanwei ZOU works at China Investment Corporation.

Dr. Haier LIU works at Guandong University of Finance in China.