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The Jingshan Report: Opening China’s Financial Sector Author : CF40 Research Group Publisher :  ANU Press Date : January, 2020


The Jingshan Report is a collection of research papers on key issues for China's financial opening, including reform of the RMB exchange rate regime, management of cross-border capital flows and financial support for the Belt and Road Initiative. Authored by leading experts in the relevant fields, the report examines the evolution, current status and problems with the financial opening policy over the past four decades, and puts forward policy recommendations on how to steadily push forward China's financial opening.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Proactively and Steadily Advancing China's Financial Opening

1. China's International Strategic Environment

2. China's Financial Development: A Global Perspective

3. Further Expanding the Opening Up of China's Financial Industry

4. RMB Exchange Rate: Moving Towards a Floating Regime

5. China's Cross-Border Capital Flow Management

6. Promoting China's Financial Market Reform and Innovation with Opening Policies

7. Building China's Overseas Investment and Financing Cooperation

About the Research Group:

Lead:  Huang Yiping

Mr. Huang Yiping is Chairman of the Academic Committee of China Finance 40 Forum, Jin Guang Chair Professor of Economics, the Director of the Institute of Digital Finance (IDF) and Deputy Dean of the National School of Development (NSD), Peking University. He received his Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from Zhejiang Agricultural University, Master of Economics from Renmin University of China and PhD in Economics from Australian National University.

Mr. Huang serves as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the People's Bank of China, Vice Chairman of Council at the Public Policy Research Center and Research Fellow at the Financial Research Center, both at the Counselors' Office of the State Council. He is Editor of China Economic Journal and an Associate Editor of Asian Economic Policy Review. Mr. Huang's research areas include macro economy, financial market and rural development.


Lu Lei, Zhang Yuyan, Feng Weijiang, Liu Wei, Zhu Min, Chen Weidong, Zhou Jingtong, Gai Xinzhe, Xiong Qiyue, Zhu Jun, Guo Kai, Ai Ming, Zhao Yue, Bai Xuefei, Zhang Bin, Guan Tao, Zhang Antian, Xie Yaxuan, Gao Zheng, Ma Yun, Xu Zhong, Zhang Xuechun, Cao Yuanyuan, Tang Yingwei, Wan Tailei