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Regulating China's Shadow Banks Author : Qingmin Yan, Li Jianhua Publisher : Routledge Date : December 14, 2015


China's shadow banking has been a top issue in the past few years. Scholars, policymakers, and professionals around the world are seeking deeper insight into the subject, and the authors had unique insight into the sector through their positions high up in the regulatory apparatus. "Regulating China's Shadow Banks" focuses on the regulation of shadow banks in China and provides crucial information to demystify China's shadow banking and associated regulatory challenges.

This book defines "shadow banking" in the Chinese context, analyzes the impact of shadow banking on the Chinese economy, includes a full-scale analysis on the current status of Chinese financial regulation, and provides valuable advice on the regulation of China's shadow banks.

Table of Contents:

1: A Basic Theory of Shadow Banking

2: The Emergence of Chinese Shadow Banking and its Current Stage

3:  Financial Institutions Supervised by the "Three Commissions" and Their Businesses

4: Research on Quasi-Financial Institutions and Their Businesses: Regulation by Ministries, Commissions and Local Governments

5: Currently Unregulated Institutions and New Businesses in Financial Markets

6: The Impact of Shadow Banking on the Macroeconomy and Financial System

7: Recommendations for the Regulation of Shadow Banking



About the authors:

Dr. Qingmin Yan is a Chinese expert on financial regulation who has spent decades in positions at the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the People's Bank of China.

Dr. Li Jianhua (1965-2014) was an expert on China's non-bank financial institutions.