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The Seventh CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable

On June 3, 2017, China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) and Nomura Research Institute (NRI) hosted the 7th CF40-NRI Finance Roundtable. The theme of the seminar was China and Japan's Innovation and Practice in Inclusive Finance.

The first session of the seminar focused on technological innovation and the development of inclusive finance. Mr. Sun Guofeng, CF40 member and Director-General of the Finance Research Institute at the People's Bank of China delivered a keynote speech titled FinTech Driving Inclusive Finance. Mr. Toshihiko Mori, President of Japan’s Personal Property Appraiser discussed asset-based lending in his speech.

The second session was on the practice and regulation of inclusive finance. Prof. Huang Yiping, Chairman of CF40 Academic Committee and Director of Institute of Digital Finance (IDF) at Peking University talked about opportunities and risks of digital inclusive finance. Mr. Sun Tianqi, Director-General of the Current Account Management Department at China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) then made a speech titled The Innovation and Practice of Inclusive Finance in China. Sun was followed by Nobuyoshi Yamori, Professor at Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration at Kobe University who talked about the reform of Japan's regional financial regulation and the credit guarantee system which encourages financial institutions to provide more support to enterprises.

Following the speeches, participants engaged had discussions on the challenges faced by digital inclusive finance and the coping strategies. CF40 Secretary-General Wang Haiming chaired the seminar.